Lucy Michaela is a multidisciplinary creative based in Manchester, UK. She was born in London before moving to a market town in Essex. She started taking photographs in her pre-teens, mostly exploring self-portraiture and abstract video art to express herself in a way she felt she couldn't around other people to combat feelings of isolation.
Following a history of experimenting with photography, image making, videography and video editing throughout her teens, she developed an interest in pursuing a degree in graphic design due to her fascination with visual identity surrounding musicians, film releases and online creators. She is now studying for a BA in graphic design at the Manchester School of Art.
She's heavily inspired by cinematography, music and feelings of nostalgia. Vivid and 'glowing' colours are frequently seen in her work as she tries to recreate the immersive world she experienced as a child.

For any enquiries, please contact her here:
Yale University Press
AGNI Manchester
Jewish Renaissance Magazine
NUS Consulting
Learning with Pride
Natsu Clothing
Expert Photography
Endorphine Therapy Magazine
Miles and Fragmented Pieces Magazine

'cene Magazine