01    Echo
   02    RESIDUE
   03    Portal
   04    Realm
   05    OPIA
   06    Enter Phobos
   07    + Miscellaneous




sound design, art direction, 
photography, bookbinding
Echo is a handbound publication in the form of cassette booklet and casette tape containing a self-made soundscape. Both pieces are meant to be experienced in tandem and to tell the story of Echo and Narcissus through Echo’s eyes.


art direction, photography,
Residue is a 10-page, hand-bound publication, exploring the “afterlife” of our personal data and the immortality of our internet presences in the modern age.


illustration, typography
Portal is a vinyl project released by G . F Smith in collaboration with the sound design studio Father to celebrate their Colorplan range of papers. The project was a competition with over 200+ entries for sleeve designs. My work was one of the 10 final selected that went through the production process and was exhibited at Soup, Manchester, in April 2024.


typography, branding,
editorial design,
OPIA is a branding project in collaboration with MUBI and fellow designer Eljay Mascall for a film festival that explores the use of red and teal in the thriller/horror genre over the past four decades. This cinematic colourway frequently found in these films elicits certain emotions explored within the genre, helping to set the atmosphere and aiding storytelling.

This palette is akin to the spectrum of a form of colourblindness named Tritanopia; hence the name, Opia, meaning ‘specified condition or defect of the visual organs’, both playing into the gory aspects of the thriller genre and the heavy use of these colours.

Starting with the invite package, the festival is designed to immerse the attendees from their doorstep, into the event and beyond the date, with exciting collectables and a publication to keep proudly on their bookshelf.


sound design, typography,
web design, animation,
poetry, photography
Realm is an interactive website, that explores feelings of otherworldliness, eeriness & nostalgia within small corners of the world around us. Taking the form of a ‘digital monolith’ and inspired by own observations and experiences, you will find a space of the internet to absorb you into the feeling of the “Realm”.

Enter Phobos

branding, merchandise,
web design, typography
Enter Phobos is a horror-inspired exhibition exploring an array of different phobias. The conceptual exhibition is designed around the basis of taking place in the Guardian Telephone Exchange in Manchester.


2018 — Present
photography, animation,
merchandise design
Selected miscellaneous works for client and personal use.