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typography, branding,
editorial design,

OPIA is a branding project in collaboration with MUBI and fellow designer Eljay Mascall for a film festival that explores the use of red and teal in the thriller/horror genre over the past four decades. This cinematic colourway frequently found in these films elicits certain emotions explored within the genre, helping to set the atmosphere and aiding storytelling.

This palette is akin to the spectrum of a form of colourblindness named Tritanopia; hence the name, Opia, meaning ‘specified condition or defect of the visual organs’, both playing into the gory aspects of the thriller genre and the heavy use of these colours.

Starting with the invite package, the festival is designed to immerse the attendees from their doorstep, into the event and beyond the date, with exciting collectables and a publication to keep proudly on their bookshelf.